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Why Have Private Tuition?

“It is difficult to overstate the importance of mathematics in today’s world, both for the individual and for the economy.  The acquisition of mathematical skills is essential for successful progression in education and employment.”  Mathematics Education Inquiry

Private tutoring is an excellent investment in your, or your child's, future.

Research has consistently shown that individual tuition is the most effective way to learn.

With one-to-one tutoring, we have time to get to know you - how you learn best and where your individual learning gaps are.

In large classes, a teacher simply doesn't have time to uncover the difficulties that each student is facing.  And many people are too shy to ask questions in class, even if they do get the chance.

Add to that the distractions that many students face in an average classroom, and it is easy to see why concentrated, one-to-one tuition is so effective.

What you will need

High speed (broadband) internet connection

Speakers or headphones to hear your tutor

Microphone or headset to speak to your tutor

Mouse or tablet to write on the whiteboard

Computer Requirements

You will need Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or higher) to use the classroom. This is probably already installed on your computer, but if not, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Terms of Service

Please make sure you agree to our Tutoring Terms of Service before you begin taking online maths lessons with us.


Fees are payable in advance by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Try it Free

We offer a free, no obligation, introductory meeting so that you can see how things work and so that we can make sure all the computer stuff is operating correctly.  At that meeting your tutor will show you around the virtual classroom, and find out your goals for online tuition and the sorts of things you need to work on in your maths.  This is not really a lesson, just a chance for you to chat to your tutor and see how things work, and for us to assess your mathematical needs.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with a tutor.

Ginger -- Maths Tutor Online Gail Baines - Maths Tutor Online

Gail has a First Class Honours degree in maths and a postgraduate teaching qualification in secondary mathematics. She has been teaching or tutoring in one form or another for over 15 years.

Gail prides herself on being a friendly, patient and encouraging tutor – helping students to gain confidence in their abilities.

Ginger has a Masters degree in mathematics with a specialisation in education, and has been teaching and tutoring for about 7 years.

Ginger loves to help students really understand the maths they are learning so they can improve their confidence and achieve the best possible exam results.

…individual tuition has always been the preferred method of additional support for pupils not achieving their potential.

…one-to-one tuition, when carefully planned, engages pupils in their learning in a way which is not always possible to achieve in the classroom…

Pupils who experience one-to-one tuition say they feel ‘special’ and have the opportunity to engage in focused dialogue with the tutor, talking about their difficulties in a safe environment without the distraction of others…

The basis of one-to-one pedagogy is obvious enough: if we have just one child to attend to, then we can tailor the approach to their particular needs, pass quickly over the things we know they can do, and spend time improving the way they perceive and apply the learning so that their weaknesses are resolved and their successes are consolidated.

Excerpts from Developing One-to-One Tuition by the Department for Education

Meet Our Maths Tutors

Mrs Baines is the best maths teacher I’ve ever had!


You have an excellent ability to explain mathematical concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.

Mrs Tikly

Sam got a B in maths which is all thanks to you and the support you gave her.  She is really pleased and knows she would not have been able to do this without your support.  A big 'Thank you'.

Sam’s mother

It's all down to your excellent teaching that he's improved so much!  Can't thank you enough!!


I enjoyed your lessons and found maths much easier when explained by you.



Need Extra Help?

Try Private Tuition Online!

Our friendly and experienced maths tutors provide individualised

lessons tailored to your learning needs.

There’s no need to travel to a private tutor – online tuition is

easy and convenient.  It’s just like having a tutor in your own

home, except we speak to each other over the internet!

Students tend to enjoy learning online rather than from books,

and shy students often feel more comfortable asking their tutor

questions over the internet than face-to-face.

Whatever your level, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level or undergraduate, one-to-one tuition can help you to improve your grade.

How Does Online Tuition Work?

Just before each lesson, you will be emailed a link which takes you to the online classroom.

You will see an on-screen whiteboard which we can both write on.

Using a microphone or headset, we talk to each other just as if we were in the same room.

This video shows what the virtual classroom is like: